Baby steps into the blogging world

A young lady walking the trapeze with a pole of professional ethics and family values in hand is something I would love to describe myself. But Sigh!! the bare fact is that I am striving to discover my true self and the purpose of life (like the yogis and spirituals gurus claim as the ultimate goal in life). Maybe that’s precisely why I have stepped into the blogging world. To learn and to unlearn.

When I come across the motivational books professing to have a visible goal in life, I wonder what my visible goal should be. When i was a student, my visible goal was to be a professional. Once that was achieved my visible goal shifted to settling down in life. Now I have resolved to keep things simple and precise.. including my goals!! Here I am to just be myself and express myself in the simple language of my heart. Hope to know and hear from the blogging community.


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