Inspire for change within

My dad is a one of the most technology averse person I have come across, especially when it comes to mobile phones. Until a year back he used to proudly carry the classic Nokia phone with only call and text facility, which he considered as luxury. I was sick and tried of asking him to switch to an android phone trying to convince him that in this era of smart phones, wherein anything and everything can be done from a pocket device, it is more of a necessity. When my attempts turned futile I decided to gift him one on his birthday. Since I forced him to live with this new device it became my responsibility to guide him through. It was while I was taking this boring session on must-have apps that a wild thought stuck me that it would be so nice if we had a cleaning app in our brains!! How nice it would be, if we could install a ‘clean master’ or ‘battery doctor’, in our brains.

Presenting the new app for human brain – ‘brain master’!! This app is sure to change the quality of your life with the following features:

  1. Anti Virus feature: Virus in a human system (not the virus that brings us cold, cough and fever) according to me would be negative depressive thoughts that not only drains the human mind emotionally but is also proven to impact physically. ‘Brain master’ would scan and detect any depressive/negative thoughts in our brains and also on any new thoughts coming in. That means, it will cleanse our thought of any negativity before letting it in. How wonderful would that be!!
  2. Junk Cleaner: Junk are those thoughts, emotions and feelings that have become old and discarded and are of no value to us. These junks consume our brain and reduce its productivity. Hurt caused by our bitter past can be one such junk. By clearing the junk items the ‘brain master’ will make us more happy and peaceful.
  3. Notification cleaner: Notification are those distractions from the external world that pops ups, whether we like them or not. Comments, views, opinion etc. from people whether we have asked for it or not. These notifications often distract us from our goals and confuse us . Once the ‘brain master’ clears these notifications we can be more focused and live our lives the way we want to.
  4. Battery Saver: Often our time and energy gets wasted on unnecessary and unproductive things that we get exhausted by the time we actually get down to do this we really want to do. ‘Brain master’ by channelizing our energy towards things that are our priority can do wonders.
  5. CPU Cooler: And finally the CPU cooler. We often get heated up with slight variation from our expectation. We have set our expectation for everything. How things should progress in our lives, how others should behave, how much money we should earn and so on.. When we feel that things are not progressing the way we want to, we get heated up. Anger, frustration, high blood pressure and depression. ‘Brain master’ would detect heating up of our system and cool it down instantly. The app would do this by stopping those thoughts that cause our body overheat. This shall definitely extend our battery life (oops, human life!!).

I am not marketing for this app, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had one in the market for sale. It would totally change our way of living.

Wait a second, give a closer taught.. don’t we have all these features inbuilt in our system?? The sad part is that we do not realize this potential of human mind. We never realize that we are masters of ourselves and sadly get drifted away in the current of life.

We need to spare a few minutes everyday to harness the potential we have within us to regain our capacity as ‘Brain master’. Each one of us have the potential to be in total control of our life and destiny. Live a happy and peaceful life!!

Would love to hear from you on any additional feature can be added into this brain application..


4 thoughts on “Inspire for change within

  1. If you could invent such a thing it would fly off the shelves. You’d be a billionaire for sure. Clever idea!

    Your dad will finally get comfortable with his new phone. I thought my dad would NEVER even touch a computer or cell phone, and now he’s not too bad with them.


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